Dahlia's are coming...

Every now and again a flower takes my eye and I become obsessed. Especially when its one that is new in season.  So now its the Dahlia's turn to soak up my attention.

I've been noticing the last couple of weeks at the markets, the regulars (i.e. florists) leaving with a small bunch in hand but I can't see them on the floor?!  

'Hmmm where are these Dahlia's hiding and I want to take them home'?

Until today... I tracked down the seller! Some would say I've always had a knack for tracking down the hottest supplies ;) So next week we will have the beautiful Dahlia in full swing! My secret source informs me they will be here until May, imagine the beautiful colours that we will see...

I'll be the one skipping out of the markets with a smirk on my face next week, feeling like I'm one of the big kids now ;)

Here's a sneak peak until next week kids... Moonflower x

Dahlia encourages you to follow your inner guidance
— Flower Therapy
Dahlia  spp.

Dahlia spp.