Flower crowns - the new wedding bouquet?

The current trend for Sydney weddings this season would have to be flower crowns.  

A lot of brides are replacing the traditional bouquet with flowers in their hair.   Not only can they add a bohemian flair to your wedding look it can compliment your dress & make you feel like a princess all at the same time. Its the hands-free version of the wedding bouquet!

Flower crown prep in the studio.

Flower crown prep in the studio.

Having a love for flowers I've always thought I have a touch of fairy within me!  Maybe its because my hands are small so its easy for me to weave the flowers in detail? It could also be the fact I have curly hair and a cheeky persona?! So I was a bit distracted there, but I believe it makes it quite easy for me to create flower art in its purest form ;)

I love love making flower crowns and did so for a wedding on the weekend for an Irish bride, Sive. When a bride contacts me & has as a passion for flowers its so exciting to share this love together. The visit to the Sydney Flower Markets is always extra special & fun plus a great way to bring our creative images together. 

Will post more photos when they come through but for now here is a sneak peak...

Get your orders in now for Valentines Day!  Your sweetheart would love to receive a bunch of roses to wear in her hair.  Plus they will compliment her outfit when you take her out for dinner ;)

Flower crowns created by Moonflower Artistry for a Sydney wedding in Hunters Hill NSW.

I predict a surge of flower crowns in the coming years as the trend catches on, especially at weddings.
— Moonflower Artistry