Why I love flowers...

I have always had a passion for flowers.

My first memory, as a small girl, I would collect Frangipani's to make my own perfume.

Flowers can speak volumes to you, from their heady aroma down to a delicate petal, every bloom has a unique story waiting to unfold. When you combine them together a magic comes alive.

So why Moonflower?  If you've been lucky enough to witness a Moonflower open for its 'one night only' bloom, you'll know where I'm coming from & why we've chosen such a gem to be named after.

Somebody once asked me - why did you want to become a florist? Simple, to make people happy.   Who doesn't love receiving flowers, or feels excited & uplifted when you see them in a room? They're natures little gems, here to remind us to take a moment & admire something beautiful in the world. After all - art imitates nature!

Moonflower Artistry is a floral design studio that uses the language of nature to create unique creations for any occasion.

We look forward to telling your story...

Sal x

Owner/Director - Moonflower Artistry